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Changing lives by loving kids is the objective of 4Kids work in the schools. Creating shifts in mindset, grit and habit formation leads to real changes in attitudes and actions. We are helping kids believe in their potential, rise up and live in to it! Read through these stories and see what’s happening!  We are:

Empowering Kids Now for a Bright Future! A Future We're All Helping Create!


A self-identified immigrant Gabe had trouble expressing himself verbally but through writing was able to tell us what was on his heart.

The objectives of 4Kids are well identified in the outcomes we see in his story. Life change has happened. He thinks, feels and acts differently today.

More sensitive, more helpful, and certainly hopeful, Gabe has a dream….


Scott like many kids, comes from the difficulty of a broken home. He described himself as worthless. Bursting out in tears one day, he described a scene at home. As a part of our lesson strategy he was able to use ELGLBHAV and the Express Love tools to describe his hurt and bring peace and healing into his relationships.

Empowering kids to overcome life circumstances and rise to be leaders is the foundational work of 4Kids. Scott’s example is typical. Through meaningful focused intervention we impart love and hope bringing change into kids lives!


A student from poverty and homelessness, Torri has experienced some difficult situations in his life. With his dad in jail and mother unpredictably available, we found him floundering in hopelessness.  Unable to look us in the eye, his self-confidence seemed to register below zero. His grades and behavior followed patterns often found when kids struggle with these issues. Truly he was suffering the affects of his circumstances.

He missed school regularly at the beginning of the semester, but in the end became the willing helper leading games in our Leadership Academy classroom.

He testifies here to his new attitudes and hopefulness.


Chris was a student crying out for help without words to articulate himself.  He demonstrated a one track mind and exhibited withdrawal and obstinacy. Everything from his handwriting, to thought patterns indicated he needed guidance and hope.

At the end of the first semester he seemingly was making no headway but through the perseverance of dedicated Leadership Academy mentors - He found hope, courage and demonstrated belief in himself. Check out his progress! 

Chris exemplifies both the tragedy in children today and the hope we can have for each life we encounter!