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Mission & Goals

The 4Kids mission is:

Empowering Kids Now for a Bright Future!

Using a three-prong strategy of relationship building, nurturing hope, and practically equipping students … we are building leaders! Love changes lives. Focused, purposeful love imparts hope. Strategic equipping love shows a path forward. 

Through our school-side empowerment program 4Kids impacts all students in a school. Our message is consistent “You are amazing! You have power and potential within you to be anything you choose to be, if you are willing to work hard and pursue your dream! Never give up. You can do it!” 

Believing in oneself and one’s ability to grow their intelligence is essential for success. Believing in a path of purposeful hard work as means to achievement and success is equally important. These truths are integral to our programming. 

Our goals for the kids are these:

We want every child…

  1. To believe in their own potential.
  2. To learn to take responsibility for themselves.
  3. To see themselves as contributors to the global community.

Current neuroscience research shows us that kids from the age 11 to 16 are experiencing significant growth in their brains. Areas responsible for reasoning, controlling impulses and making better judgments are just being developed. During this time, synaptic pruning is shaping lifelong habits. Helping kids develop critical thinking skills at this precise time in their lives is of paramount importance!

What they believe about themselves, and what they believe about the world around them matters.

Our strategic programming is designed to instill positive mindsets and build purposeful habits for every child during middle school. 4Kids is building leaders for a future that will impact all of our lives!

What if youth can become a new breed of leaders? 
What if youth can each rise to heights of personal moral excellence?
4Kids believes they can!