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Relevant Research

The Problem:

  • Every day, approximately 13 young people in the US are victims of homicide and 1,642 visit our hospital emergency departments because of physical assault related injuries. (1)
  • 54% of people who died by suicide did not have a known mental health condition (3)
  • 59% of Kentucky residents have has adverse childhood experiences (2) 
  • in Fayette County’s 67 schools and programs there is one social worker for every 1,097 students and one psychologist for every 1,226 students (2)
  • Young people are frequently the ones hurting other youth and commit a significant proportion of the violence in communities—youth aged 10–24 years represented 40% of all arrests for violent crimes in 2012. (1)

The Solution:

  • Relationship-Building - building trust and relationships among peers and trusted adults are some of the most impactful and difficult first steps to a lasting solution. (2)
  • Community Involvement - Facilitate the social cohesion and collective efficacy of the community. Build uncommon bonds. (1)
  • School-Wide Intervention - Develop and implement school-wide activities and policies to foster social connectedness and a positive environment. (1)
  • Education and Habit Formation - Build children’s and adolescents’ skills and competencies to choose nonviolent, safe behaviors. (1)
  • Create Safe Environments - create safe environments for students to talk and feel a sense of belonging (3)


Additional Research: