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Our Story

Kids need help.  They need mentoring and encouragement.  They need to know they are loved.

Mentoring kids during after-school programs in 2011, 4Kids success caused school administrators and teachers to request our work during regular school hours. “Could you help our at-risk students?” they asked. “They respond to your team!”  

The result has been the development of a school-wide empowerment program reaching every child in a school! The premise is Kids lead Kids. Peer impact is huge, especially in middle school! Purposeful grade level empowerment became our objective and a public-private partnership building leaders has been the result. 

Educators, researchers and psychologists from the community and regional universities were consulted as the programming and curriculum we’ve come to use was developed. Education Week’s Research on Social and Emotional Learning demonstrates kids' need for social and emotional training and our work reflects the five inter-related components of CASEL’s research and six safety factors prescribed by UK’s Center on Trauma and Children. 

We know kids need an emotionally safe environment to learn. They need structure with love and caring people to listen. They need a community’s support. It makes sense, right? Just like each of us, kids need to know they are loved, and accepted. Then, they are positioned to really learn.  

The 4Kids community ensures every child is loved and inspired to realize their unique potential. Turning hopelessness to hope, we help every child believe in themselves and grow to be amazing!  Together, we are building a better tomorrow!